In Los Angeles County, Black women are 4x more likely to die from childbirth than White women even when you control for socioeconomic factors. Research shows that racism throughout Black women’s lives, bias, and differential care experiences are the root causes. This experience is shared by Black women across lines of class, education, maternal attitudes and behaviors.
"It is critical to continue elevating the leadership of Black women, so that we can bring our lived experiences, wisdom, and community-defined solutions to the front and center of the discussion."

The Cherished Futures approach

Cherished Futures for Black Moms & Babies was a multi-sector collaborative effort to reduce Black infant deaths and improve patient experiences and safety for Black mothers and birthing people in Los Angeles County. Cherished Futures was a joint initiative of Communities Lifting Communities, the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, ,and the Hospital Association of Southern California from 2019-2023. The work of the joint initiative was completed as of 12/31/23. For more information visit https://www.cherishedfutures.org/.

The California Coalition for Black Birth Justice

Dana Sherrod, MPH, former program lead for Cherished Futures, together with key team members Asaiah Harville, IBCLC, and Candice Charles, MPH  have launched a new venture, the California Coalition for Black Birth Justice (the Coalition).

The Coalition is focused on unifying and strengthening the Black birth justice movement in California. Their work is focused on serving as the statewide connector and convener, fostering the care and growth of the Black birth justice workforce, and finally, continuing to scale systems-change efforts with health care organizations.  The Public Health Alliance proudly supports the Coalition’s transition and new journey, a move that embodies our commitment to centering the leadership of Black women and nurturing power-building in communities.

For more information about the California Coalition for Black Birth Justice, visit their website at www.cablackbirthjustice.com