Who We Are

The Public Health Alliance

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a full and healthy life, regardless of who they are, where they were born, or where they live. Despite centuries of discriminatory policies and targeted disinvestment, the public health field is working to rectify the role structural racism plays in determining our health outcomes. Activating the power of public health, the Public Health Alliance works to ensure we all have the building blocks to live healthy, vibrant lives. This includes: safe affordable housing and reliable transit, fresh air and open green space, high quality education and healthcare, livable wage jobs, and climate resilient neighborhoods for ourselves and future generations.

OUR Vision

Vibrant and activated communities achieving health, justice, and opportunities for all.

our mission

Mobilize the transformative power of local public health for enduring health equity.

OUR Core Values

  • Courage
  • Dynamic
  • Unifying
  • High Impact
  • Ethical
  • Inclusive
"The Alliance's key strengths lay in policy development and advancement of system-level changes."
- Alliance Leadership Council Member
The Public Health Alliance Data in Action
Key Strategies

How we get there


Advance Health Equity

We strive to positively contribute to a fair, just, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.


Champion Prevention Funding

We’re advocating for sustainable local public health jurisdiction funding and innovative financing opportunities for community health investments.


Promote Powerful, Healthy Communities

Our work advances equitable policies such as economic well-being, nutritious food, active transportation, clean water, and affordable housing.


Elevate the Climate + Health Nexus

Everyone should be protected from the health impacts of climate change. The Alliance works to address the public health and equity nexus with climate change adaptation, mitigation, and recovery efforts.


Transform Data Into Action

Through our Healthy Places Index® (HPI), we are committed to making high-quality social determinants of health data available and actionable to improve community conditions. The HPI has been utilized by hundreds of government agencies, health care institutions, community groups and other sectors, and it has been used to allocate more than $2 billion in investments to communities that need it most.

What success looks like

We know that mobilizing the power of public health will create necessary, transformative changes in our neighborhoods and institutions. We believe that a leap forward in local public health is on the way -and it will center equity, justice, and healthier communities for all of us. Together as a regional coalition, we will establish a legacy of enduring health equity across California.

Over the next 5 years, the Alliance will deepen its commitment to advancing health equity and racial justice through policy and institutional changes. We will use our resources to accelerate paradigm shifts in public health practice and mobilize power for healthier, more sustainable and just communities.