Allison Walker

Media Advocacy Specialist

Allison Walker (she/her) is the Media Advocacy Specialist with the Public Health Alliance of Southern California. Walker leads the development and implementation of the Alliance's media and communication strategy, amplifying our initiatives' successes with key stakeholders. Previously, Walker was an investigative broadcast reporter for WKEF in Ohio, where she executed exclusive watchdog reports regarding issues such as housing & homelessness, racial health disparities, disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, child welfare, and controversial legislation garnering national attention. Walker is known for her nationally syndicated investigative human sex trafficking series, where she elevated survivor voices and exposed victim-informed initiatives and policies that were not adequately implemented. Walker's coverage explored many aspects of trafficking, such as the plight of undocumented people trafficked through illicit massage parlors. Walker was also known for breaking stories about human rights violations and hate crimes. She was the first reporter in Dayton, Ohio, to work with the Springfield NAACP to expose KKK recruitment in 2022 and exclusively interviewed victims of local hate crimes in the AAPI community. Walker received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Emerson College in 2020 and has a rich advocacy background dating back to her time as a high school student, where she interned with the Academy for Human Rights and was featured on BBC World Service's "Over to You" radio broadcasts after championing a campaign to raise awareness about international human rights violations. Walker is an active alum of the transatlantic RIAS Berlin Commission Fellowship Program. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking international dishes, and horseback riding.